Agile Development Training Unlocks Many Doors

By September 15, 2016Uncategorized

Since its arrival on the scene more than a decade ago, agile development has revolutionized the way software is created. Now many feel the methodology is primed to unlock efficiencies in business processes elsewhere in the enterprise.

Conceived to address the shortcoming of the dominant software development methodology of the day, the waterfall methodology, agile development quickly gained a foothold in IT departments as they scrambled to keep up with a rapidly expanding need for fast deliverables. Whereas waterfall development necessitates that teams works diligently to construct initial requirements before launching into the long, strictly-defined stages of a project, the incremental nature of agile development makes it inherently more flexible. Indeed, the daily communication between stakeholders required by agile development enables developers to course correct as needed and molds the final product to the shifting needs of the business.

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